MdbK [Zusammen-hang]

Voice memos about photography and communication.
The video podcast “MdbK [Zusammen-hang]”

Art communicates. We communicate. What’s the connection? The bilingual project “Zusammen-hang” in German spoken and sign language brings together ten people, three folding chairs, three cameras and plenty to talk about in the exhibition space.

The starting point for the series of talks are perspectives on contemporary and modern photography in the MdbK Leipzig and at the international exhibition “TRUST/vertrauen” presented by the f/Stop festival in Leipzig.


When visiting the exhibitions, the conversations and discussions are recorded on camera and processed in the form of a video podcast. In the podcast, the participants share their views on the works of art, addressing both personal and interpersonal issues.


The art mediators Katrina Blach and Christopher Utpadel are realising the project for the MdbK in cooperation with a Leipzig-based sign language association: people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people of different ages meet regularly at LGSV to organise joint cultural events and regulars’ tables with talking hands (sign language). The MdbK’s art outreach department is practising how to anchor the perspectives of different visitors more strongly in its work with the collection and in its programme.


The aim of MdbK [Zusammen-hang] is to actively open up the museum and exhibition space, to develop individual points of view and to communicate them. First-hand reports and results are published here and on the MdbK website.


Funded under the “Werkstatt Vielfalt” programme, Stiftung Mitarbeit of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.