– f/stop Satellite

A marked neighborhood.

Salon der Villa Plagwitz, Karl-Heine-Straße 108, 04229 Leipzig


25. June: 4-7 pm

26/27 June & 3/4 July: 11 am-7 pm 

28 June – 2 July: 4-7 pm


Driven by how stigmatizing and structurally racist we found reporting and political statements about the neighborhoods around Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig where many migrants live, we began in 2019 to hold conversations with residents and to photograph the neighborhoods in various image sequences. With the photo newspaper »Dangerous Object: Eisenbahnstraße« we want to show a more sophisticated picture and enter into dialogue about repression and gentrification. The exhibition by shows interviews and photographs and invites the visitors to express themselves on the topic.