Art space PING•PONG – f/stop Satellite

Sandra Schubert: Night Dive

Marcel Noack: #mhikg

Kunstraum PING•PONG

Helmholtzstraße 1, 04177 Leipzig

25 June – 4 July 2021

daily 2 – 7 pm, upon request

The documentary photographics works from Sandra Schubert and Marcel Noack are engaged to the everyday life from different players of the society. #mhikg are multipespective continous picture-text-tableaus. They describe in a recursive way on a textual layer the impossibilty of friends to find common ground and their everyday life during the Corona-pandemic. The players relationship from familiar over intimate to unfamiliar is not layed open, but tangible by the combination and sequence from indivual picture-text-tableaus – sometimes fictional, sometime documental.