Art space nyg|west – f/stop Satellite

Walther Le Kon: ´Merica

Kunstraum nyg|west

Georg-Schwarz-Straße 8, o4177 Leipzig

25 June – 4 July 2021


Saturday 26.06.21 17:00-22:00 
Sunday 27.06.21 15:00-19:00

Wednesday 30.06.21 17:00-20:00 
Thursday 01.07.21 17:00-20:00
Saturday 03.07.21 15:00-18:00

Finissage: Sonntag 04.07.21 15:00-19:00 Uhr
+ 17:00 Uhr Performance „COLD MESS“ von Carsten Tabel

Le Kon visits friends in America on a private trip. The warmth that is brought to him breaks with the everyday quirks and the external appearance of the „American way of life“. In his illustrated travel story, he observes the coined, banal entanglements and conflicts of his protagonists in the system. The own ambivalence between idealism and cultural complicity becomes evident. His gaze is caught up in auratic clichés and authentic closeness. A chimera of photo essay and humorous straight-line descriptions, packed in a magazine.