Digital Wondering 07

Digital Wonderings are a series of online speculations around the curatorial theme of TRUST. They can take any form, from a conversation, a short statement, a film or a photographic series. Invited contributors come from a wide range of disciplines and can respond and react to the theme and the format as they wish.

Clara Hausmann - Editing Drawer / Editierschublade

Clara Hausmann’s work explores ideas related to infrastructural mutations, information systems such as linguistic transpositions, law issues and cultural typologies. This contribution, made especially for the Digital Wonderings program, uses the construction and de-construction of the envelope as an object to explore ideas related to infrastructural disseminations of information. In relation to trust the work here uses letters to act as metaphorical objects for the wider digital space where information is organized and dispersed, where messages are sent and received and where secrets are stored. We know this space is one that constantly realigns and shifts information and with every refresh makes new ‘edits’ of associative viewing and storage. The digital space is one we have to trust – if only reluctantly.


Hausmann states: This is an editing drawer for images turned into addresses. The formal confusion between global and universal amplifies the contradiction of limited accessibility, which brings along an atmosphere of melodrama.

Clara Hausmann – editing drawer / Editierschublade – PDF for download


Clara Hausmann (b. 1990, Berlin) is a visual artist currently doing her meisterschuler with Prof. Michael Riedel at HGB Leipzig. She has also studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen and UdK Berlin with prof. Josephine Pryde. She was the guest editor of Am Strand magazine #3 and #4 and her works have been shown at Cucina, Copenhagen (2020), CapitalWash#4 (2019), De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2019), Snooper Magazine #1(2019) and Werkleitzfestival Halle (2018).