Digital Wondering 02

Digital Wonderings are a series of online speculations around the curatorial theme of TRUST. They can take any form, from a conversation, a short statement, a film or a photographic series. Invited contributors come from a wide range of disciplines and can respond and react to the theme and the format as they wish.

Interview on TRUST with Onora O‘Neill

This interview on TRUST is with Onora O’Neill, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, UK and a member of the House of Lords, and former president of the British Academy. The interview is part of a podcast titled Bio-Ethics Bites. Bioethics is the study of the moral implications of new and emerging medical technologies.

Nigel Warburton is a philosopher, writer and podcaster. His books include: A Little History of Philosophy, Philosophy: The Basics, Thinking from A to ZPhilosophy: The ClassicsFreedom: An Introduction with ReadingsFree Speech: A Very Short Introduction, Philosophy: the Essential Study GuideThe Art Question, and The Basics  of Essay Writing. He has also edited a book about the photographer Bill Brandt and written a biography of the modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger. He is consultant senior editor for Aeon  and has written for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including ProspectThe EconomistThe Times Literary SupplementThe SpectatorThe GuardianPortfolio Magazine, and The Art Newspaper.