What intentions are behind a picture? Which pictures can we trust? In the workshop week from 14 – 17 June 2021, young adults enter into a dialogue about trust and truth.

Using photographic methods, the participants enter into a joint creative process in which they negotiate their own perspectives on the theme and render them visible. The artistic works by Carmen Winant and Lebohang Kganye under the curatorial theme of trust form the starting point for the discussion. The photographs created in this process will ultimately be presented as posters on the grounds of the Spinnerei in Leipzig.


The workshop is being held in collaboration with the 9th f/stop – Festival für Fotografie Leipzig and will take place both in analogue form outside on the Spinnerei grounds and in digital form in the run-up to the festival.

A collaboration between the MdbK, JOBLINGE gAG Leipzig* and the 9th f/stop – Festival für Fotografie Leipzig

MdbK workshop organisers: Kirsten Huwig and Elisabeth Würzl

Duration: 14 – 17 June 2021


*JOBLINGE gAG Leipzig works to combat youth unemployment, offering young adults job opportunities and sustainable integration into the labour market by means of a six-month intensive programme. The workshop week with the MdbK is part of the orientation phase for a new group of participants at JOBLINGE gAG: besides providing an initial opportunity to get to know each other, it aims to promote the testing and strengthening of the young participants’ own self-perception.